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 Broseco Ranch | 11,800± acres | Omaha, Texas                                                 $34,220,000




Located less than two hours east of Dallas just off of I-30, Broseco Ranch has been a leader in the cattle, wildlife, hunting and fishing arenas for years.  Positioned just south of the Sulphur River in East Texas and with 11,800 acres ±, the Ranch is home to over 2,200 head of awarding winning Red Angus cattle, record whitetail deer, two 100-acres lakes stocked with Florida bass and some of the best waterfowl habitat in the state. 25% of all owned Oil & Gas Minerals and 50% of Coal & Lignite will convey to buyer.


Key Facts:



8,550 Acres Cattle Pasture and Grazing

3,200 Wildlife Habitat and Sulphur River Bottom

50 Acres I-30 Frontage Commercial Development Opportunity



Two large 100-acre lakes, one smaller 8-acre lake and approximately 40 additional pond and stock tanks. The ranch is bordered by the Sulphur River on the north and White Oak Creek on the south.



Award winning registered and commercial cattle:

  • 2002 Simmental Association - Commercial Producer of the Year

  • 2006 Red Angus Association - Commercial Produce of the Year

  • 2007 Beef Improvement Federation - Commercial Producer of the Year

  • 2013 Red Angus Association - Grid Master Award

  • 2014 Red Angus Association - Grid Master Award

  • 2015 Beef Improvement Federation - Pioneer Breeder Award

Ranch cattle carrying capacity: 1 unit per 3.5 acres +/-

Current Broseco Ranch Herd 2,340 +/-


Managed Fish and Wildlife Program

Deer: Broseco has an intensive deer management and breeding program that includes participation in the Texas Parks and Wildlife's Managed Land Deer Program.

Duck: Premier Water Fowl Habitat along the Sulphur River Bottoms.

Fishing: Lakes fully stocked with Florida Large Mouth Bass. 9 fish cities added to the lakes.






1. Main Lodge - Caresend 6,600 sq. ft.

2. Foreman's House 2,800 sq. ft.

3. Assistant Superintendent 1,400 sq. ft.

4. Jackson House 1,200 sq. ft

5. Lake Guest House 1,375 sq.ft.

6. Pewitt House 1,500 sq. ft




1. Office 1,300 sq. ft.

2. Shop 2,400 sq. ft.

3. Horse Barn 2,300 sq. ft.

4. Hay Barn 6,540 sq. ft.

5. Caney Creek Barn 10,000 sq. ft.

6. New HQ Barn 8,250 sq. ft

7. Cotton Wood Bluff Barn 10,000 sq. ft

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