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80,000± acres - under one fence

Texas Panhandle

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Nearly 80,000 acres Under One Fence - Historic "Prize of the Panhandle" is legacy of Coble/Whittenburg empire. Known for natural resources and site of Battles of Adobe Walls of 1864 and 1874. Decision to sell comes after twelve decades of stewardship. Icon Global to market.

The Turkey Track Ranch was pioneered in the era of legendary WT Waggoner, 6666 and Goodnight Ranches. Boasting almost 80,000 acres under one fence and some 26 miles of Canadian River frontage, the ranch is a rare confluence of natural resources; containing an abundance of water, productive fertile grasslands, and diverse wildlife -set within rolling and rugged topography of mesas, draws, valleys and vistas interposed with open rangeland -epitomizing the western ranch lifestyle and famed fertile buffalo plains of yesteryear.

For the first time in over a century, this rare combination of history, heritage, and natural resources will change hands. The momentous decision was announced today by the Whittenburg and Coble families:


"It is with careful consideration and great emotion that we announce that, after 120 years of stewardship by our family, we have decided to sell our historic Turkey Track Ranch in the Texas Panhandle. For over a century this American landmark has been an integral element of our heritage. Generations of Coble's and Whittenburg's have created lifetimes of memories on the Turkey Track. Due to our family's increasing numbers and geographical distances, we recognize that it is time to find a new steward for this historic holding. We have enlisted Bernard Uechtritz of the Icon Global Group in Dallas to bring the Turkey Track to market in the latter half of 2021. The ranch has and will forever hold not only the monuments, memories, and legacies of our now multigenerational families but, significantly, maintains a very important place within the well-chronicled chapters of early Texas and US history; similarly, the ranch and its past stewards hold a prideful and acknowledged position of contributions to the evolution of modern-day ranching and cattle raising industries, as well as the Oil & Gas sectors of our great state."

- The Coble & Whittenburg Families

"Our team has spent two years analyzing the subsurface geology of the Turkey Track Ranch and believe the potential for long-term carbon sequestration and its lucrative revenue stream is one of the best in the Texas Panhandle.  Its proximity to carbon dioxide emitters combined with the unique storage zones of the Anadarko Basin which lay beneath it make this 80,000-acre jewel a strong candidate for this emerging market. Because of our work, we believe shallower undeveloped zones may exist as well for future oil and gas development."

- Jonathan Grammer, U.S. Carbon Capture 



The natural assets of the ranch have been meticulously curated and improved across the decades, where modern practices and technology have been applied, even pioneered. Through conservation-oriented dams, riparian micro-sanctuaries, and systems which support native grasslands, wildlife and soil health, the Turkey Track Ranch portrays the very essence of natural capital. The ranch’s generational stewards—notably including the strong leadership of women—have protected and served the interests of the land and those connected to it. The preservation of the resources of the Turkey Track Ranch, its natural capital, makes it an unimpeachable national treasure.”

- Jennifer Warren, Concept Elemental

About Turkey Track Ranch

WT (Tom) Coble and later James (Jimmie) A. Whittenburg III, were two of the stewards. Each was a past president of The Texas