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Icon Global - Elkhart Ranch

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Elkhart Ranch | 6,153± acres | Elkhart, TX | 2.5 hrs from Dallas & Houston | Off-market

turnkey - includes livestock, equipment, etc.

Texas Cattle Ranch

Extensive county road frontage – future development potential 

Seamless sale with current operation easily transferred to a new owner without interruption. 

Broker has prelim title and new survey done

Productive East TX Location

Package Sale Includes Cattle & Equipment

Centrally located and accessed within the geographical triangle by and between Buffalo (Hwy 79 & Interstate 45) and the cities of Palestine and Elkhart in East Texas, the  Elkhart Ranch offers multiple to/from routes and is perfectly located not only for access, industry and township conveniences  but with a topography which  elevates far enough away  from the Trinity River not to flood but to benefit from the proximity of the river and  lushness that the sought after  ancient and fertile soils yield.


This minimalist Texas cattle ranch has been a success in proving that you don’t have to do things the way they have always been done. The ranches current operations have maximized without abusing the forage the land has produced with little operating costs. The ranches minimal structural improvements and well-designed infrastructure consist of only what’s necessary to run the ranch.


Located in the transition zone between the Post Oak Savannah and the East Texas Pinewoods ecoregions of Texas, Elkhart Ranch offers a combination of a 44’’ annual rainfall along with an operational intensive rotational grazing system.

The rotational grazing system consisting of 80+ pastures allow the 2,000 head cow herd to evenly utilize the available forage. The forage inventory consisting of Coastal, Jiggs, Common Bermuda, Florida Paspalum, and Bahia grass respond well to rotational grazing systems.

The pastures are all connected by a lane system which feeds into the exceptionally designed set of working pens located on the ranch. The pens have a set of 10,000-pound digital scales, covered working chute, sorting alleys, as well as truck load out. The pens are easily accessible for trucks. The ranch and the cow herd are managed by 2 employees.

Eight water wells located across the ranch provide water to 120 water troughs. The water system is designed so that when a well goes down, water can be redirected from another well. Two lakes and numerous ponds also provide additional water.

The cow herd consists of Red Angus cross cows running with Red Angus bulls. The cow herd is separated into 4- 500 head herds, with each herd rotating every 3 days to a fresh pasture within a separate rotational grazing system.

The natural resources of this ranch along with the grazing system, number of pastures, lanes, pens, cattle quality, and low number of employees all combine into a cost-efficient ranch management system for Elkhart Ranch.

Much of the ranches southernmost portion has been left untouched. There are endless rows of pine trees, hidden ponds, and trails only a 4-wheeler can traverse. This area provides the much desired natural and recreational landscape and cover which is so highly valued.

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Contact us for more information by confidential and pre-qualified request. 

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