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Icon Global announces, “an unprecedented, national and international marketing campaign for a luxury residential estate compound in Houston.” The enormous, secluded, nine-acre compound sits in the heart of Hunters Creek Village and within Houston’s wealthiest zip code.


Acclaimed architect Ken Newberry stated, “as an architect doing work for over 35 years across the United States and in several other countries around the world, I will tell you that the Romanov in Houston, Texas is one of the most extraordinary houses anyone may ever see.”


“While the exterior was influenced and follows the aesthetic of the Richardsonian Romanesque style there are also elements throughout inspired by trips to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina and Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.


Like Hearst Castle, the interior of the home incorporates architectural elements personally selected by the client and shipped from England, France, Belgium and Italy.”


The 22,000 SQFT home is complemented by a 3,500 SQFT guest lodge in its own private 5-acre setting. The prominent, elevated 9- acres estate is surrounded on three sides by a moat of the 18,000-year-old buffalo bayou and further buffered beyond the expansive grounds of the Houston Country Club beyond the bayou. It is only entered via a private, secured gate in a cul-de-sac. All of it takes in the Houston skyline.


“This is without question one of the most expensively built, tasteful and well-designed compounds ever built in Texas or nationally for that matter that I have seen and as a result, it follows, and I fully expect, that it will set a new benchmark in residential luxury sales well north of any Houston sale to date.”


This estate is only for a discerning few- a security conscious and private ultra-high net worth clientele. It will only be available to discuss through confidential, pre-qualified request. There will be no brokers open, nor will it open for broker previews, or to anyone for that matter, who has not first signed a confidentiality agreement and proved up to me complete financial ability to perform.


We are releasing very few details or pictures to maintain integrity and privacy for the next owner.

We reserve the right to show it by invitation only, and only after criteria is met.  I expect to show it less than a half dozen times, as the prospect pool who can afford or qualify for this in very shallow.”  - Bernard Uechtritz


Richardsonian Romanesque’s are rare, and very few exist in the USA.  The Romanov draws influences from a series of other renowned estates in America, such as the Wrigley, and Vanderbilt mansions, and construction elements from the University of Indiana limestone buildings, even the Pentagon.


9/ 11 - Six years in construction and finished in 2005, the Romanov is a skillfully grafted work of steel, concrete and custom hand cut limestone from Indiana. Progress on the build was halted after the 9/11 attacks. The US Government required, and thus diverted, all the available limestone from the renowned Bybee quarries in Indiana to be redirected from the Romanov for the Pentagon rebuild.


In addition to interior architectural elements sourced across Europe, the estate is replete with truly custom and hand-built finishes, including a hand wrought iron elevator, interior railings and chandeliers. Energy efficiencies, embedded technology, and privacy features are as equally timeless as the entire estate.


Builder Jeff Thomsen, “For some of the more formal rooms, we cast our own trim of bronze buttons for controlling the lights. There are carvings in both wood, stone and metal that were the result of hundreds of hours of work.”

The Lodge in Hunters Creek>>>

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