Coming Q4 2021

Turkey Track Ranch

80,000± acres | under one fence

West Texas | Prize of the Panhandle

Pine Mountain Lakes16.jpg

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Pine Mountain Lakes

800+ acres

East TX | 1 hour from Dallas

Lely Aerials-web-29.jpg


IN PROCESS | Lely Ranch

66,388± acres 

Presidio, TX | 45 miles to Marfa, TX

CF Ranch-aerial-web-31.jpg


CF Ranch

2,105± acres 

Paris, TX | On The Red River

Cypress Bayou-landscape-web-36.jpg

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Big Cypress Bayou River Ranch

1,101± acres 

Jefferson, TX

Levi Shoot.jpg

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Black Willow Ranch

7,103± acres

Watrous + Valmora, NM

Alcoa aerial stills-web-26.jpg


Sandow Lakes Ranch

32,000± acres

Rockdale, TX



Bering Pacific Ranches

500,000± acres 

Aleutian Islands, AK

Salt Fork Bluff Ranch 051.JPG


Salt Fork Bluff Ranch

1,947.55± acres 

Aspermont, TX

7D Ranch-aerial-web-14.jpg


7D Ranch | 6 purchase options

2,554± acres 

San Saba, TX

Blue Lagoons-aerial-web-9.jpg

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1,300± acres

Athens, TX | 1 hour from Dallas

Champion ranch-aerials-web-33.jpg


IN PROCESS | Champion Ranch

5,000± acres

Centerville, TX



Black Hills Mesa

1,445± acres 

Newcastle, WY

Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses Ranch aeri

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TB Quarter Horses Ranch

744± acres 

Red River

SGR sold_map_1,2,3,4,6_small.png


Spring Gulch Ranch

Lot 5 Available

Jackson Hole, WY