Little Wichita River Ranch | 2,812± acres | Henrietta, Texas | $6,750,000 

The Little Wichita River Ranch is part of the famed Birdwell & Clark cattle ranch. This portion, which includes the East Fork of The Little Wichita River, is being carved off and sold separately. Immaculate restored grass prairie combined with wildlife rich river bottom and brushy draws define this property. A recipient of the Environmental Stewardship Award and the Lone Star Land Steward Award, today this ranch is lush with each of the big five prairie grasses and produces two times the county average of beef per acre. One would be hard pressed to find a more productive cattle ranch coupled with a diverse variety of highly sought out game such as trophy white-tailed deer, quail, turkey, dove, waterfowl and hogs.



This ranch is situated within Clay County, approximately 7 miles east of Henrietta, TX. Wichita Falls is a short 27-mile drive and DFW International Airport is 100 miles from the property. This property has access off US-82 and is bordered by large neighbors on all sides.


Elevation, Topography, Soils & Foliage:

Little Wichita River Ranch is located in the northern portion of the Cross Timbers and Prairie Eco Region of Texas. Thick native grasses such as Little Bluestem and Side-Oats Gramma, Purple Top, Indian Grass, Eastern Gramma and Big Bluestem are intertwined with indigenous brush and mature hardwoods in the river bottom. Mesquite individual plant treatments have been implemented as part of a successful removal program.


Sloping elevation and rolling topography provide nearly 100’ of topo variance and create multiple viewpoints overlooking the ranch and surrounding vistas.

The majority of the soils are comprised of Port soils, Stoneburg-Bluegrove, Nebgen-Grandfield-Weswind, Renfrow-Kirkland-Anocon associations and Cisco fine sandy loam.



The ranch features approximately 6.9 miles of the East Fork of The Little Wichita River running North to South through it. This river flows or holds water year around.


Seven stock ponds are located throughout the property and at least one of them could be expanded to create a larger lake.

A mobile water trough is connected to a 3” line and utilizes a 6HP pump to supply water to targeted areas. The owners can easily move the trough to areas they would like to have animal impact or place it away from areas that they do not want to receive impact. It gives them tremendous flexibility to use the entire ranch. This equipment will remain with the sellers but it is has proven to be a successful method and can easily be replicated by the new owners.

There is an electric well located near the home on the property.


Habitat, Wildlife and Cattle:

The ranch currently runs a stocker operation. The knowledge of grazing and passion for the land held by the owners makes the Birdwell and Clark ranch a unique regenerative agricultural marvel. The estimated carrying capacity for this property is 1000 steers or 250 animal units in a cow / calf program.

The ranch is divided into numerous paddocks ranging in size. In the fast-growing season, the herd is moved 4 - 6 times a day depending on the rate of growth, quantity and quality of available forage. Movement of the herd can be done with only one or two people.

The average rest or recovery period of any given paddock is a minimum of 50 days and a maximum of 150 days. The importance of the recovery period and animal impact to the overall improvement in range conditions experienced at the ranch in the past 15 years cannot be emphasized enough. The recovery period allows adequate time for individual plants to grow and controls overgrazing by keeping cattle from returning to the same or preferred plants. Root systems flourish and establish healthier, stable grasses and forbs.


The benefit of animal impact is the result of a concentration of dung and urine adding nutrients back to the soil. Animal impact also provides for the trampling of old grasses and forbs that help keep the soil covered as well as exposes new plant growth to sunlight and disturbs existing seed beds for new growth.


Little Wichita River Ranch offers a superb population of wildlife. The ranch has operated under the Managed Land Deer Program for 15 years with an emphasis on selective gene harvesting. Several blinds and feeders are in place.

Free ranging white-tailed deer scoring in the 150” class are fairly common within the ranch. The occasional 170” class white-tailed deer is either harvested on the ranch or in the neighboring vicinity.

The quail habitat is phenomenal including abundant Croton, and the hunting can be quite productive during the good years.

Turkey are thick throughout the property and the dove hunting can be outstanding.

Hog, predator and waterfowl tank hunting help round out year around sporting enjoyability. 

The ranch is not encumbered by any leases and the neighbors are all conservation minded like individuals.


Improvements, Structures & Roads:

There is one approximately 2000 SQFT 3 bedroom and 2 bath home that was added on to in 2008.

There are good trails throughout, and the fencing is in excellent shape. An innovative electric cross-fencing infrastructure is in place for convenient and easy cattle rotation.



There is one buried pipeline easement consisting of 4 separate paralleling buried pipelines traversing the property. There is a CREZ transmission line that crosses the west side of the ranch.

Minerals & Production:

The sellers own 100% of the mineral rights and are willing to part with a portion based on the offer. There are no mineral leases or production on the ranch.


The property is under an agricultural tax exemption program.


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